Who’s really blessed…and what does that even mean?

Wineskins Workshops Feb. 17

The Sermon on the Mount begins in the least likely way. Blessings for people who had probably not once in their life felt blessed.

The poor in spirit. Those who mourn. The meek. The merciful. The humble. The persecuted.

Whether you’ve been part of a church for your whole life or find yourself somewhere on the fringes of faith, there’s probably something in that list that resonates with you.

This week at Wineskins Workshops, we’ll look at the opening verses of the Sermon on the Mount…what we call the Beatitudes. The blessings. (Matt. 5:1-12)

We’ll talk about some of the other ways the word “blessed” can be interpreted, and we’ll dive into what Jesus meant by proclaiming those blessings, who the people were that received them, and how he uses this introductory session to set up what’s coming next.

Join us Monday, Feb. 17, in the Side Room of the Marietta Brewing Company as we unpack this often repeated but frequently misunderstood passage.

6:00pm — Dinner & drinks
6:30pm — Discussion begins

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