Feb. 24 Gathering: “Thin Places”

Photo credit: Amanda Webb

The ancient Celts talked about “thin places:” those locales where they believed heaven and earth came so close together that you could almost pass from one into the other, where you could feel the realm of the divine in the very air all around you.

Many of us have had experiences of what we might call thin places. A particular place where you sense an enhanced awareness of divine presence.

However, thin places may not necessarily have to be physical locations. We might experience them when we’re with certain groups of people or when we’re engaged in certain spiritual practices.

Wherever you encounter thin places, we invite you to join us this Monday, Feb. 24, for our next New Wineskins Gathering where we’ll talk about thin places and the ways in which we encounter an experience of something beyond ourselves.

As always, we’ll be in the Side Room of the Marietta Brewing Company.
Happy half-hour at 6:00pm
Conversation at 6:30pm

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