July 26 Gathering: Opening ourselves to Love

If one of our core values as a community is our belief that God—whatever or whoever God is—is love, how does that belief play out in our day-to-day lives?

American Trappist monk and famed mystic Thomas Merton once described a mystical experience wherein he had a deep realization of his love for others while standing in a busy city square.

This Sunday at New Wineskins, we’ll engage with a visual presentation of Merton’s “Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander” from The Work of the People and discuss how such a realization can shape all our interactions and relationships.

We’ll also reflect on Howard Thurman’s poem, “Lord Open Unto Me” as a means of setting the space for our conversation.

Please join us Sunday, July 26, in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub on Zoom to participate in these visual liturgies and discuss the works of these two theological masters.

Connection opens at 6:00pm
Conversation begins at 6:30pm

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