Oct. 11 Gathering: Colonizing Appalachia and the “Holler Gospel” with Brad Davis

As we observe Indigenous People’s Day this weekend, we are invited to reflect on all the ways that Christianity has been used to exploit and colonize people throughout history…including Appalachia.

As coal extraction became the dominant economic force in Central Appalachia during the Industrial Revolution, the families who had settled that rugged landscape quickly became victims of that kind of colonization and exploitation.

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll welcome our friend Rev. Brad Davis, a United Methodist pastor serving a congregation deep in the coalfields of West Virginia, for a conversation about coalfield justice and a movement he is birthing called “The Holler Gospel.”

Join us in our New Wineskins Virtual Pub this Sunday, Oct. 11, as Brad invites us into a dialogue about how and why the way of Jesus was subverted in the coalfields, and how re-contextualizing Jesus for a new generation of Central Appalachians could be the key for rebirth and revitalization of a long-forgotten region.

Happy half-hour Zoom connection opens at 6:00pm
Conversation with Brad Davis starts at 6:30pm

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