Tag: Justice

July 11 Gathering: Holy Mischief

This week at New Wineskins, we’ll engage with a video from The Work of the People featuring Sr. Simone Campbell of the Nuns on the Bus movement about how our hyper-individualistic society has blinded us to reality and how a sense of holy mischief can awaken us to who and what God is and how participating in acts & movements of justice bring us closer to the Beloved Community.

June 6 Gathering: Amy Jo Hutchinson on the For the People Act

This week at New Wineskins we‘re very excited to welcome Wheeling, WV resident, activist, and organizer Amy Jo Hutchinson as our guest speaker! Amy Jo is working with Faithful Democracy to organize and mobilize faith communities in West Virginia and beyond to support the For The People Act, the sweeping voter rights and election reform legislation currently before Congress.

April 18 Gathering: Re-imagining Resurrection Week 1: Reclaiming Joy

As Brown and Black communities mourn yet another string of police violence toward their children, as our nation continues to witness wave after wave of senseless gun violence, and as the societal trauma of the ongoing pandemic seems like it might never end, joy can become a difficult thing to imagine. But can our trauma be transformed?