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Nov. 8 Gathering: Spiritual Practices — Listening

Listen. The word itself gets our attention. But how good are we at actually doing it? And how can the act of listening be a spiritual practice? We can practice spiritual listening in conversation, in meditation, in prayer, and in studying scripture. But like other spiritual practices, it requires--well--practice. We have to learn to turn … Continue reading Nov. 8 Gathering: Spiritual Practices — Listening

Feb. 22 Gathering: Spiritual Practices

Prayer. Meditation. Study. Worship. Fasting. Silence. Sabbath. Service. Our spiritual life brings with it many opportunities for activities that help us grow closer to God and one another. Many bring us deep joy and satisfaction, but others sometimes seem to be difficult. Join us this Sunday, Feb. 22, at The Marietta Brewing Company as we talk about the various practices … Continue reading Feb. 22 Gathering: Spiritual Practices